A Guide to New Mom Nursing Accessories

A Guide to New Mom Nursing Accessories

As a new mom, nursing your baby can feel like the most rewarding – and most challenging – part of early motherhood. For many mamas, it’s a peaceful, enjoyable way to bond with your new baby while providing him or her with the best possible nutrition for a healthy start to life.

These essential nursing accessories can help every new mom with the transition into motherhood and help you reach your breastfeeding goals:

Diaper Bag

Having all the feeding essentials in a single, easily accessible place can take out some of the stress of breastfeeding, no matter where you travel. Burp cloths and extra outfits are especially handy in the early months, as younger babies tend to spit up more than older babies.  You may also want to carry extra nursing pads and nipple cream to use after each feeding.

Choose a diaper bag that can accommodate everything you need for nursing and allow you to access items quickly (and with only one hand).

Nursing Pillows

Nursing pillows come in many sizes and are specifically designed for breastfeeding.

The firmness of a nursing pillow is something that most traditional pillows lack. They don’t lose their shape or firmness when your baby lays on it, so baby can remain in the right position during feeding time. The unique horseshoe shape makes it easy for feeding on either breast. The pillow is also designed to be at the right height for breastfeeding to help you keep a healthy posture.

A smaller nursing pillow may be able to fit in a diaper bag to make feeding on-the-go even easier for you and your baby.

Breastfeeding Coverup

While not required, using a coverup while breastfeeding can give new moms the confidence they need for nursing success.

Not every woman feels comfortable breastfeeding their baby in public, and that’s okay! But when baby gets hungry, he or she isn’t going to want to wait until you’re back home or in a private place to enjoy their milk. Keeping a nursing coverup in your diaper bag can help you satisfy your baby’s appetite wherever you are and help you feel less self-conscious about nursing in public.

In addition, using a coverup can also be beneficial for your baby. It gives them a little privacy while nursing, helps to block out sound and light, and limits their contact with others.

You don’t have to use a coverup while nursing in public. But if you decide it’s the best move for you and your baby, make sure you opt for one that washes easily and can be compactly folded to fit into your diaper bag.

Stock Up on your Nursing Mom Essentials

New moms have a million things to do before baby arrives, but doing as much before delivery day as possible can help reduce some of the hassle and stress later.

At the very least, make sure you have the essentials on hand before you need them. When the time comes, you’ll be glad to have prepared so well and feel ready to take on any breastfeeding challenge that comes your way.