Top 3 Things No Pregnant Mother Should Be Without

Top 3 Things No Pregnant Mother Should Be Without

When you’re expecting your bundle of joy, it doesn’t take long to realize all the things that baby will need when he or she arrives. But while you’re stocking up on clothes and supplies for your little one, it’s important you don’t neglect your own needs.

As your body grows, hormones change, and sleep becomes a fantasy, expecting mamas can find comfort and joy in these three must-have items:

Maternity Bra

Tender, swollen breasts can make clothing a mortal enemy. Traditional bras just don’t do the job anymore, and most retailers don’t carry large, comfortable bras.

Investing in a few soft maternity bras can provide a level of comfort you never knew existed. Maternity bras were made to combat many of the body challenges pregnant women face, from finding the right fit to offering support and alleviating pain.

Wearing a bra while pregnant might seem like the last thing you want to hassle with, but the right one can greatly help with posture. Your back is constantly compensating for your growing baby belly, which is why it’s important to find a good-fitting bra that can lend the right amount of support and eliminate some of the balance and weight issues you face.

Elastic Maternity Jeans

The first couple months of pregnancy don’t bring many outward changes, but once your body starts growing it won’t stop until baby comes. Before you know it, your favorite jeans no longer button.

Elastic maternity jeans are a desirable closet staple for expecting mamas because of their soft material, versatility, and robustness. They go with just about every type of clothing for almost any occasion.

Most maternity jeans are made with softer denim than regular jeans for added comfort. But the best part is the elastic waistband – as you grow, your jeans “grow”, too. Buy a few pairs early in your pregnancy and you’ll be set until the baby comes.

Comfortable Sleepwear

As your pregnancy progresses, a good night’s sleep might start to seem like something out of a fairy tale. Many pregnant women experience trouble sleeping, but having a good set up of sleepwear can help you stay comfortable all night long.

Look for breathable fabrics like organic cotton that won’t irritate your skin or leave you feeling too hot. Stretchy fabrics can also accommodate your growing belly and feel less restricting. Avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon – these are not breathable and could make you feel hot and uncomfortable.

Sleep is essential for mothers and their growing babies. The first and third trimesters can leave you feeling drained enough as it is, and losing sleep on top of your lack of energy can make every day a struggle.

Maternity Clothing Can Be Fashionable

You might not always feel your best, but being able to look your best while pregnant can go a long way toward helping you feel better from the outside in. Remember that you aren’t stuck with buying clothing a few sizes too big. Maternity clothing can be fashionable, plus it’s made to fit well in all the right places.

Stock up on the essentials now and give yourself one less thing to worry about before baby comes.